I’m sorry to disappoint, but this is not the name of the next Jack Black sequel to School of Rock.  No middle-aged guys trying to live their rock ‘n roll fantasy through elementary students by becoming their “music teacher”.  It isn’t even about music, but about laying the right kind of foundation for when the fights in your life come and threaten to knock down your house.

I have been meditating on two different passages of Scripture over the last few days.  One has to do with setting our minds on eternal things and refusing to camp out on things that are temporal.  The other has to do with building your house on the rock and not on the sand (see Matt. 7:24-29).

The day after the tsunami hit in Japan, something hit me.  When Jesus talks about building our houses on the rock vs the sand, he really does expect the storms to come.  Some people preach that if you believe in Jesus, all will be happy, healthy, and nary a storm will come (I’ve always wanted to use “nary” in a blog!  Mark that one off the bucket list.  Check.)  Jesus never tells us those things.  He says we will live an abundant life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there will always be happiness, health, and wealth in our lives.

What he does talk about is the way to have a strong foundation in Jesus Christ.  He is describing the person who has a strong foundation who does two things:

1.)  The person “hears” the words of Jesus.

2.)  The person “practices” what Jesus says.

It’s very similar to the passage in James that says, “Do not be merely hearers of the Word.  Do what it says!” (That’s from the New Will Version.)  Jesus doesn’t expect us to merely “go to Church” and listen to the preacher tell us what to do and how to make our lives better.  We each must have such an intimate relationship with the Father that we hear the Spirit speaking to us on a daily basis.  It involves seeking God through Scripture, listening, and praying (which also involves much listening).  Then, the second part of that is being obedient to what the Spirit of God tells us.  It’s not just about following the “do’s” and “don’t’s”.  It’s about following a person.  It’s about establishing such a strong foundation that when the storms come (and believe me they will come) and the rain and waves pound against the house, that the house (our life) is unmovable and unshakeable.  And it’s not because we’re strong – it’s because God has made us strong in Christ.  We’re unshakeable because the One who is unshakeable dwells within us.  We’re unmoving because the One who is unmove-able lives inside of us and gives life to our mortal bodies.  (see Romans 8:11)

So the question for us is…what am I building my house on?  Is my life built on a foundation that will totally crumble when the storms of life come?  Or am I building it on the Rock (not Dwayne Johnson, folks.  I’m talking about THE Rock – Jesus)?  If you’ve experienced storms in your life and things got really shaky, you might reexamine what your foundation is.  That’s not to say we should handle things perfectly or that the rug can’t be pulled out from under us.  But, if storms bring old habits sneaking back in your life or if you tend to pull away from God and others that can help you during those storms, you might check and see where you’re placing your trust.  Is your hope and trust fully in Christ?  Or is it in something else?  Because the only thing that will establish your house and life on the Rock is placing your complete hope and trust in the one who can never be shaken.  And that, my friends, is the House of Rock!

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